There are days when you wake up in the morning and a bowl of cereal is just not going to cut it! You want something more substantial and satisfying! After all it’s probably the weekend, you’ve been working hard and putting in the hours. You deserve more that a couple of Weetabix for crying out loud!  What you deserve is pancakes!

Now we are not talking about some flimsy French crepe. We are talking about full on, fluffy, American style, buttermilk pancakes, serve with what ever you fancy. We’re not going to tell you what you can and can’t have with your hard won breakfast!  If you want bacon and eggs, you go for it. If your heart desires blueberries and whipped cream, well start whipping that cream. Maybe you just want to drench the lot in butter and maple syrup, well I’ve cracked open another bottle in case you run out! These buttermilk pancakes aren’t about restraint, they are about satisfying your every breakfast whim and we’re here to help.

These light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes can be made and ready to eat in as little as 15 minutes. The trick to these almost ethereally light buttermilk pancakes is the addition of baking powder to the pancake batter and folding in whisked egg whites at the very end. This really lightens the batter and makes the pancakes incredibly fluffy.

For that even, golden brown tan across the top of your buttermilk pancakes, you need to invest in a good quality non-stick pan or electric skillet and resist all urges to put oil into that pan. By spooning the pancake batter into a dry non-stick pan you can ensure a smooth top with even colouring all over. The added bonus being you won’t make your pancake soggy with oil, instead they will be firm, crisp and light as air.

So arm yourself with a whisk and a pan, because the time for wanting is over! Now is the time for having… some delicious buttermilk pancakes!

— Al Brady

Buttermilk Pancakes.png


150g flour
1tsp baking powder
1/2tsp sea salt
10g sugar
2 eggs
1tsp vanilla extract
150ml buttermilk
90g egg whites (approx. 2)


Beat together the eggs, sugar,  buttermilk and vanilla extract in a large bowl. Sift the flour, salt and baking powder over the wet mixture and whisk to a smooth batter. Whisk the egg whites to soft peaks and gently fold into the pancake mixture, to make a light, smooth batter.

Put a dry non-stick pan over a medium heat with. Spoon the batter into a small circles, rotating the spoon to shape the batter into a perfectly round pancakes. Don’t be tempted to move the pancakes around at first. Just give them time to gently cook through, adjusting the heat of your pan so they don’t scorch on the bottom.

Once the pancakes begin to steam and air bubbles begin to form on the top, (approx. 2-3 minutes) it’s time to flip those pancakes. Continue cooking on the other side for a further 2 minutes until golden brown and firm to the touch. Remove from the pan and keep warm. Repeat with the remaining batter.

Now all that’s left to do is stack ‘em high, smother them with a lot of something you love and enjoy your breakfast of champions! You deserve it!


What’s Buttermilk?

Real buttermilk is the liquid whey left after cream has been churned to create butter. Traditionally this whey was allowed to ferment into a slightly thickened, sour liquid that would keep longer than fresh milk. Now-a-days buttermilk is made from regular milk, adding Streptococcus Lactis, a bacteria that consumes lactose and produces lactic acid, giving the buttermilk its tartness, as well as causing the milk to curdle and thicken.

If you can’t get your hands on buttermilk it’s possible to substitute milk to which an acid, like vinegar or lemon juice, has been added to thicken it, but you’ll always be left with a flavour from the added acid.

A more suitable alternative for this recipe would be mixing 100ml of either yoghurt, soured cream or crème fraîche, with 50ml of milk and using as normal.