Carrots can be obtained at any time of the year, but for a few months of the year (around early July to August) we start to see the new season carrots make an appearance.

Warm-Spiced-Carrot-Salad 2.png

For these few, short, precious months in the summer, sweet, tender and aromatic new season carrots are in the shops. There is so much flavour packed into them that they need only to be steamed or gently boiled for a couple of minutes, to get the best out of them. Their delicate flavour can be complimented with a little butter and orange zest, or tarragon and thyme or something a little bit more pungent.

New season carrots not only marry well with simple, delicate flavours. They also have the ability to pair with much stronger flavours, without fading into the background, including turmeric, chilli, coriander, cumin and ginger to name a few.

Oh and they are also delicious simply eaten raw!

Their capability to pair well with almost anything, makes new season carrots a fantastic choice for a whole variety of dishes. But seeing as it’s summer time and I wanted to make something light and vibrant and most important of all, tasty. I thought a warm spiced carrot salad was the perfect balance of all these things.

Easy to prepare and plate up you could have this salad prepared and served in a little under 10 minutes. The carrots are lightly blanched for a minute, tossed with some rapeseed oil and spices, then toasted gently in a frying pan. Topped with sliced spring onion, chilli and freshly picked coriander, your first bite will explode with earthy subtle spices, a touch of sweetness from the carrots, then beautifully rounded off by a cooling yoghurt dressing.

ENOUGH TALK! Let’s make this Warm Spiced Carrot Salad immediately!

— Al Brady