Now in the spirit of full disclosure I am not a vegan. Just incase this is the first video of mine you have watched!

When it come to food and cooking, I am all about the cream, butter and eggs. But when I tasted this chocolate mousse cake, I was absolutely blown away by just how amazing this vegan mousse cake tasted.

I think it is the secret ingredient that makes this vegan chocolate mousse cake so mind-blowing. It is so unexpected that you can’t quite believe it works so well in a dessert.

Enough teasing, I’ll tell you what this mind blowing secret ingredient is…… Tofu! Yep! That’s right, Tofu. Silken tofu is what gives our vegan chocolate mousse cake that incredible truffley texture. It’s like some vegan chocolate voodoo going on in the kitchen.

I have also made a delicious hazelnut biscuit for the base, which means this this vegan chocolate mousse cake ticks all the boxes. Not only is it dairy free and egg free it is also gluten free. The only thing it isn’t is nut free! But hey you can’t have it all!

Not sold on tofu in a dessert, well neither was I but I encourage you to give it a go! Whether you are vegan or not this Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake is not to be missed!

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake.png

— Al Brady