Sweetcorn Soup

There are few greater pleasures in life than removing sweetcorn from the BBQ, or pot of boiling water, and slathering it in as much butter and cracked black pepper as it can stand, and tucking straight in!

Sweetcorn Soup.png

But there is only so much boiled and buttered corn one can take, before the boredom sets in and eyes glaze over, at the sight of yet another corn cob.

When that happens it is time to get creative!

This smooth, soul enriching, sweetcorn soup is just the thing to lift you out of that sweetcorn slump!

This simple soup walks the line between freshness you want in the hot summer and the satisfaction you crave in the cooler autumn evenings! It just so happens, corn is at it’s peak just between the two!

Rich, sweet, creamy sweetcorn cut through with a hit of zesty lime and all topped off with some chorizo beignets for added spicy and crunch! This soup is a tribute to the flavours of summer, while accepting that cooler days are ahead of us dear friends!

So grab a spoon, and fill your bowl! Summer, we salute you!

— Al Brady