Lemon beurre blanc is a super simple sauce to make, but serve it up to a group of friends, along side that little fish dish you’ve been wanting to try, you will be seen as a kitchen wizard!

This is quite simply a butter sauce, but it is a cornerstone of classic French cuisine. The perfect balance of sharpness, sweetness and rich butter flavours, this sauce complements fish or shellfish brilliantly.

Simple Lemon Beurre Blanc 3.png

Traditionally cold butter is whisked into a reduced poaching liquor as an accompaniment for fish, but more recently it can but done with any reduction. Leaving us with a rich creamy sauce with  a buttery taste and piquant accents from the reduction. This can be done by adding the butter gradually to the reduction while gently heating it and whisking continuously.

It is important that the liquor be hot enough to allow the butter to melt, but not so hot that it over heats. If this happens the butter will start to split from the liquor and leave us with an oily looking sauce as opposed to one that is creamy, smooth and glossy.

Though we don’t traditionally use emulsifiers in a beurre blanc, double cream can be added to the liquor and reduced to act as a stabiliser and prevent the butter and liquid from separating. We just need to be careful that the flavour of the cream does not over power the butter.


No you’re not! Let’s crack on with that sauce!

— Al Brady