Pâte Sucrée

Pâte sucrée is a classic french pastry, similar to pâte brisée, except that instead of using water to bind it together, we use egg yolks; enriching the dough further.

Pate Sucree.png

When made well it has the crumbly melt in the mouth texture of shortbread biscuit, but provides the support for the heaviest of fillings without falling apart. Endlessly adaptable, it can be used for any shaped tin, circle, square, rectangle; big enough to share or in little individual tins. Providing a wide variety of bases for fruits, custards, and baked fillings in order to make all sorts of tarts.

Whether you are a baking aficionado or taking your first step into the world of desserts, you need pâte sucrée in your arsenal.

— Al Brady