These Nutella Stuffed Brioche Buns are so decadent and so deliciously bad for you, that you might as well not bother having one and might want to opt for some celery instead!

I am kicking myself a bit, because I can’t believe I let World Nutella Day pass me by without getting this recipe out in time. But really is there ever a bad day for a Nutella recipe?

Nutella Stuffed Brioche Buns 2.png

Well depending on who you ask there might be plenty of bad days ahead for Nutella recipes!

Nutella has been having a bit of a tough time recently. It seems some people have only just discovered that a jar of hazelnut spread, that boasts a staggering 13% hazelnuts, might not be as healthy as they thought! They cry out; “This delicious sweet spread, served next to the jam and Reese’s spread is basically just sugar? I am shocked and appalled!”

Let’s keep it real shall we? We are not trying to kid ourselves, we know Nutella is not good for us, but in moderation it can most certainly be enjoyed for the treat that it is! A balanced breakfast it is not, but these Nutella Stuffed Brioche Buns are an absolute winner when it comes to naughty food treats!

My light, tender, buttery brioche recipe works amazingly well with the rich, gooey, chocolatey Nutella and together they make one hell of a bun!

You’ll need to plan ahead, if you want to enjoy these buns in all their glory, as the brioche has to be made the day before and left to chill overnight. Not sure how to make brioche? Well why not check out my Brioche Bread recipe before you go any further. There may be no turning back for you after this point!

So enjoy these for the treat that they are, don’t bother convincing yourself that it could be a healthy snack and perhaps have a salad or something later, to counteract all the delicious badness that these Nutella stuffed brioche buns contain!

— Al Brady