Lemon Curd

Lemon curd is sunshine in a jar, sweet, sharp rich and light all at the same time! Now there are some good local producers making some pretty fantastic curds out there, but nothing compares to a batch made in your own kitchen.

Lemon Curd 3.png

This vibrant yellow curd with sweet tangy flavour, is perfect for so many things; fillings for cakes, tarts and muffins, spooned on top of teacakes or scones, flavouring mousses, even just spread onto buttered toast at breakfast. I’m quite partial to spooning it on shortbread and topping with raspberries. Regardless of your personal preference for this spreadable sunshine, there seems to be very few limitations to this zesty lemon butter!

Needing only a handful of ingredients, a single bowl, a pan and a whisk, this lemon curd could not be simpler to make. So simple in fact, I have very little else to say on the matter. Don’t believe me check out the video and recipe below!

Use straight away, save for something special or jar it up and give it to your friends as an edible gift *cough*CHRISTMAS*cough*! It’s yours to do with as you please!

— Al Brady