Asparagus is a versatile little vegetable that packs a punch. But the window for Asparagus is short so it can be helpful to know exactly how to prepare and cook asparagus so you don’t waste any precious time getting it onto you plate! It can be used a healthy snack, or vessel for something a bit more decadent like poached eggs and shaved truffle.

How to prep asparagus 2.png

It is good enough to be served on it’s own for starters and pairs well with rich sauces, such as hollandaise, sharp cheeses like parmesan and any fish you can think of.

It’s perfect for soups, risottos, & pasta dishes. You name it, there is not much these little stalks can’t turn their hand to.

Asparagus comes in all shapes and sizes. Thin spears tend to have a  more intense flavour, but can be a little bit tough due to the ratio of fibrous skin to softer interior. Fat spears on the other hand are much more tender than small stalks, but can get a little watery if cooked for too long.

Regardless of whether they are thin or fat, I am going to show you how to prepare and cook these little green spears of joy, to perfection!

— Al Brady