Hazelnut dentelles are a fantastic addition to almost any dessert. Sweet, Crisp & Nutty, they provide a perfect balance of elegance, interest, height and texture to any after dinner treat!

Dentelles (French for “Lace”) are really a kind of sugar tuile which get there name from the unique lacey pattern they make when cooked.


I have added some finely chopped toasted hazelnuts to this mix to bring out a deeper, richer flavour in these delicate little dentelles. But if hazelnuts aren’t your thing don’t walk away just yet! The hazelnuts can easily be interchanged with any other nut you prefer, or even chopped cocoa nibs, if you are looking to create a nut-free version.

Whether you prefer a more organic look of broken shards or cutting out neat shapes these Hazelnut dentelles can add, flavour, texture and visual impact to any dessert. Once cooked these little biscuits will last up to 3 days, stored in an air tight container, so are perfect for making in advance and keeping until it is time to plate up.

— Al Brady