Chocolate Pastry is so buttery and crispy, one bite crumbles into a thousand pieces and melts in the mouth, But despite its deep flavour and crumbly texture, chocolate pastry is far less common than you would think, often being over looked for its paler cousins, Pate Brisée and Pate Sucrée.

Chocolate Crémeux.png

Chocolate pastry is so often reserved for just chocolate fillings, but it can work with some much more. Perfect with caramel and nut fillings, it make an incredible crust to contrast a passion fruit tart, as a base of a cheesecake or to even encase some lovely poached pears and frangipane filling. Suffice it to say chocolate pastry shouldn’t be limited to just chocolate fillings, live a little and try some different fillings for a change.

For the best results and superior flavour from your chocolate pastry I would recommend using the highest quality cocoa powder you can. I use Valrohna 100%, but there are plenty of others that you can choose from.

The trick to this pastry, as with all pastry, is practice. Getting pastry right can be frustrating and you may need one or two attempts to get it just right. But trust me, if you follow this fool-proof method you’ll master chocolate pastry in no time and I’m sure you’ll agree it is well worth it!

— Al Brady