You don’t have to be a huge fan of chocolate or Guinness to enjoy this Chocolate Guinness Cake. These two ingredients may seem like an odd pairing at first, but they have a lot of deep, dark, powerful flavour notes in common. Allowing them to combine into one kick-ass cake, that is perfect for grown-up chocolate lovers.

Chocolate Guinness Cake 2.png

Chocolate cakes, more often than not, don’t have the depth of flavour, or richness, that we would desire from our chocolate sponge. But not this cake! The addition of Guinness and “hazelnut” browned butter, gives this cake a deeper, richer, fuller and nuttier flavour. This, along with the brown sugar and soured cream, keep this cake in the perfect balance of “not too” sweet. Of course, if you preferred your cake a little sweeter, you need only replace the brown sugar for caster sugar.

There’s also no need to add syrup to this sponge, as the Guinness helps develop the texture of this cake; making it dense and unbelievably moist, without making it heavy or mushy.

All of this delicious Guinness cake is then topped up with a little Irish Whiskey Mascarpone icing, just to lift that deep, rich sponge. But feel free to top it with a ganache, butter icing, or just leave it naked. It is pretty damn good all on its own.

I would seriously recommend treating yourself to a little cheeky half of your favourite stout or porter beer, when eating this cake! But if that’s not you thing, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a shot of Baileys over the top certainly wouldn’t hurt.

— Al Brady