Chocolate Ganache Kisses

Chocolate Ganache! It sounds so luxurious and decadent! 
Surely it can’t be as simple as just two ingredients? 

Well I am please to report that it is that simple! By mixing warm cream and chopped chocolate together we very quickly create a silky smooth, seductive chocolate ganache with the potential for all kinds of uses! I also add a little butter (I can’t help myself), to add a little extra richness and shine to the ganache.

Whether you glazing a cake, hand rolling truffles, frosting cupcakes, or making these kickass “Kisses”; this Simple Chocolate Ganache Recipe is just the thing you need. Each of these uses requires a slightly different approach, when making the ganache, so don’t forget to check out our “Ganache Guide” below if you want to know more!

Chocolate Ganache Kisses 2.png

— Al Brady