Chocolate Chip Cookies


Got yourself a cookie craving? Want to know how to make chewy, gooey chocolate chip cookies right now? Well look no further! I’ll show you MY “perfect” chocolate chip cookie, so you can satisfy that sweet tooth in no time at all.

This chocolate chip cookie recipe is easy to make and is the perfect combination of crisp biscuit crust and chewy, fudgy centre. Ready to be whipped out at anytime for a sweet treat, dessert or late night snack.

Chocolate Chip Cookies 3.png

If you can resist the urge to eat all the dough raw, you will be rewarded with freshly baked cookies that far surpass any that you can buy in the shops! Soft enough to remind you of the soft, chewy cookies you get in your local bakery, but sturdy enough that if dunking in milk is your thing, you can just keep dunking again and again!

I use a combination of two different sugars, to give these cookie the texture we love. I also use dark chocolate 70% to make sure the finished cookie isn’t overpoweringly sweet. But this can be replaced with any type of chocolate that you like.

Give this recipe a go and see what you think. Is it your perfect cookie? If not, have no fear, I’ll tell you what you can do to make this your go-to favourite cookie dough!

— Al Brady